HACCP English

HACCP is a certification method to ensure safety and hygiene. All companies that produce, process, transport and/or store food products are required to have a HACCP system in place. One of the requirements is that employees in those companies must be HACCP certified.

HACCP is intended for organisations that concern themselves with the preparation, processing and distribution of foodstuffs. This means all food and drink products, but also raw materials and consumables that are used in foodstuffs. If you work in this sector, HACCP certification is mandatory. The government carries out strict controls of compliance with the certification.omt.

HACCP  English course package

Goal To obtain knowledge about the HACCP certification method and to put into practice of the guidelines.
For whom For everyone who produce, process, transport and/or store food products.
Course package Digital course
Course level MBO
Duration course About 4 hrs.
Content course
  • 7 online modules including a knowledge check per module
  • Digital manual
  • Online final exam
Modules De training bestaat uit de volgende modules:

  1. The importance of hygiene and the HACCP method
  2. Personal hygiene
  3. Cleaning, waste and vermin
  4. Temperature control
  5. Furnishing of business premises
  6. Purchasing, storage and shelf-life
  7. Preparing, presenting and serving
Digital manual During the e-learning the candidate will have access to the digital manual with all guidelines and exam issues.
Online knowledge check
After the candidate has finished the course modules it is wise to check the knowledge. The knowledge can be checked with the knowledge tests.
Online final exam The online HACCP course ends with an online final exam.
Exam results As soon as the candidate has finalized the online final exam. The candidate will receive feedback of the result immediately.
Certificate When the candidate has passed the online final exam the candidate will receive a digital HACCP certificate as PDF-file in their profile under ‘My certificates’. It is possible to print this digital certificate. Approximately two weeks after passing the online final exam, we will sent the HACCP certificate and pass to the address mentioned in the application.
Price  €59,- exclusive of VAT